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Yesterday Mark and I attended a friend's wedding in downtown LA. So weird to sit at a wedding knowing that yours is right around the corner. I always tear up during the vow part, but this time I was too busy being nervous as heck for the bride and groom. (Is there such a thing as projecting selfish empathy? Making it all about you? lol)

It's always a treat to see the couple's personalities pop out in how they carried out their wedding. You can learn so much if you pay attention!

...Which can be said about just about everything in life, no?

My stomach is in knots now. My dreams are all wonky and weird. This ish is happening. What does it feel like? It's a weird feeling. There's excitement. There are nerves that feel like a wrecking ball keeps swinging into my gut. There's this weird surreal delusional thing where I still feel like I'm 14 and there's no way I, Tish the Dish Who Wished She Were a Fish, will marry this week.

This stuff doesn't happen! I'm dreaming! I'll wake up and I'll be a kid again who just fell asleep while watching Today's Special. If that ain't a blast from the past!

Everything's ready to go. I just have to remember to breath and remember this is just a big party...that our nearest and dearest will be pressure.


  1. I am so excited for you. Have the best time, sweetie and enjoy it to the fullest. Muah


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