Remnants From a Wedding


D came over last night to watch the Finale of Breaking Bad. I sat beside him and Mark and that's when it hit him:

"Whoa, you two are married!"

Mind you Don WAS indeed at the wedding WITH his dandy bow tie on dancing and partying the night away with us, but that's just a fun day. The actual marriage stuff takes awhile to click.

So it clicked for him. I'm preparing thank you's...going through our guest book (which happens to be a dictionary that we set out for people; guests were asked to choose a word that represents us) and I still haven't completely come to the full realization that I am in fact a wife.

The sparklers from our cake are currently chilling in a basil plant in our kitchen bay window. I'm making plans this week to mount the beautiful broom we jumped over. I'm hoping these wonderful mementos from the day will help ease me into reality.

I'm just loving all the remnants from that day...signs that I indeed did something absolutely lovely.


  1. Having those reminders do make it easy to slip into reality. They also make it easy to slip into la-la land. I tend to do that when I look at our guest book quilt or wedding broom both hanging in our bedroom, or when I find some wedding artifact around the house. Kudos to you for creating a memorable day for your guests and for yourselves. I've been to some weddings recently that were literally "insert bride & groom" weddings, meaning that anyone could have been there. My favorite weddings are the ones which have so much meaning. I can tell from the pics and your blogs that you created a day that was totally Mish!


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