Pre-Wedding Jitters?


No jitters, no nerves! Mark and I are both living it up. We left a little later than we had originally planned to, but we made it to Marina early and had time to meet with our planner, the venue manager and the reception folk. We had a late dinner and then came back to our suite and toasted to our good fortune over champagne and ocean waves.

It's absolutely lovely here at the Sanctuary Beach Resort. I totally recommend it to anyone looking for the quintessential peaceful place. You zen here. You can't help but become still and centered.

I love it here. I love this dude beside me...especially his sumo wrestler pony tail. I love love! Can you tell I'm on a love high?!

I'll sleep good tonight knowing that tomorrow our friends and family will all arrive. We've planned a bonfire party complete with s'mores, cool weather and chill vibes. Then Friday...the big day where I'll say all that sweet stuff.

I hope to take lots of pictures along the way. I've always documented the ISH out of my life. (This comes as no surprise to any of you.) I have a talent for still being in the moment while the camera's snapping away. It's a gift, I say. If all else fails I know guests from the wedding will use the hashtag #Mish2013 so if you're on twitter or Instagram check it out! Share in the fun! I've come such a frickin long way. Who would have ever thought the nerdy gal who cried herself to sleep as a young girl would finally marry a wonderful dude who makes her swoon. (He is quite a hotty, ya know.)

Thanks for reading and sticking with me. This is only the beginning. Becoming a Mrs. is only chapter two...We've got a lot ahead of us! Here's to a bright and exciting future! Cheers!


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