Ohana Means Family

I don't know why the sun goddess chooses when she will make her presence known, but I admire her gangsta style.

Mark and I decided to watch the sunrise at Haleakala Volcano early on in our trip. It was there that I heard Mark say he had finally met the sun to a couple we had just meant. It touched me most certainly. That sunrise was beautiful...magical and freezing arse cold to behold! I was crying when she peaked; partially from her splendor and partially because it meant I'd start to warm up!

I laugh, but the whole long and torturous way down the mountain all I thought about was Mark's comment. He had finally met the sun. Something changed in us when we went to Hawaii. We gained a new admiration and respect for Mama Nature. We began to see the earth and our surroundings with an awe reserved for folk who were once blind and then see. Yep, we went Hawaii rogue. Did not want to come home. Did not want to pass go and collect the $200.

Luckily, we have great friends who knew we'd need some help acclimating back into LA life. We had a small get together last night to watch Breaking Bad and the Emmy's. We all cooked together; laughing and screaming at all the crazy stuff happening on that darn show.

In Hawaiian Ohana means family. We took that concept of family and how important it is to heart...and back with us on the plane. E and D coming over and sharing stories with us from the wedding...getting excited with us over video and pictures meant a lot. Let's face it, you usually go to a wedding and then that's it for the guests. They move on, but they did a sweet job of letting us talk and process it now that we're both. That's why we consider 'em family.

In our ceremony there was a part where Michele (my dear beautiful officiant) asked the family to welcome each of us. When Michele said welcome during the family part I got really emotional, because that's basically EVERYTHING. Our friends here in LA have become our family and help us in so many ways.

I had no earthly idea where to start in regards to what I'd write about: would it be the wedding or the honeymoon? Had to start with family. We arrived home late on Saturday night; just bummed and sad out of our minds, but my mom had done the sweetest thing (that I do when I house sit, too.) She left us little post-its all over with sweet messages and it totally made putting away groceries and running errands sweet and enjoyable. Family...it's what helps the medicine go down.

The "Old Road" back to Hana...Taking the Sun with us.


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