Nine days until we get hitched!

It's ALMOST OVER!!! (I'm crying in desperate hopeful wonderment not because I'm bridal and want to get all gushy in front of friends and family. I'm going cry baby chic because all the drama and stress is almost kaput!)

Luckily my lovely play sis called me yesterday and offered up two lovely pieces of great news. She has finished the broom she is making for us AND her fabulous outfit that I can't reveal quite yet arrived. My officiant is going to be one dazzling woman of beauty.

It's those little moments that are keeping me sane.

{picture by: Michele--broom maker extraordinaire}

Jen and I giggled on the phone yesterday as well. We have the best structure to how we communicate. It always ends with some perverted, but perfect something that sends us into fits of laughter. Just a nice, immature push to remind us that we're kidults and we don't have to take all the metaphysical poop that's flung at us wee mortals on a day to day business.

It's those little moments that keep me laughing.

Mr. Cinderfella is going on a business trip this week. Wonderful timing, right?! I'm actually glad he gets to get away and play with cool dudes he enjoys shooting the shat with. (There's this ginger head that he digs who lives in St. Louis that I know he's tickled green to talk boy stuff with.) I shall miss him, but my happiness for him far out weighs the separation anxiety.

It's those little moments that let me know I picked the right egg.

{I swear he takes joy in setting out his outfits. Instagram nuts who #ootd all day 'err day got nothing on him!}

So yes, I'm stressed and totally about to go gangster cray cray on the next person that approaches me with bad news of any kind BUT I'm paying attention to all the magical moments because when push comes to shove, that's what's defined me my whole life...a gal who's totally preoccupied with finding and enjoying the razzle dazzle.

Honestly...with luv and kiwi,



  1. In case you didn't know already... I am so excited and happy for you! I can't wait to see wedding pic's and posts!


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