We keep it classy.

The wedding has happened. Life is good. I'm hitched now. Mark keeps calling me wifey, which is weird man. Really weird. It'll kick in sooner or later.

The above pic is of me and my kid sisters. The one in the middle (Nina) flew in from South Korea for the big day. The one on the right (Andrea) and her husband hail from Middle Earth (aka The Midwest.) I felt so blessed to have the folks we had come. There were those two crazy nuts as well as folks coming off Navy ships, Portugal...We had a friend stay for the ceremony before she left for Spain; where she will live for a year. Another couple flew in for a couple hours just to show support. Lots of crazy travel...missed planes, long stays in airports, but they came and they joined in on the fun.

I lost my veil in the wind right as we were coming to the part of the ceremony where the officiant (my homegirl, Michele) was telling my mom and mother-in-law to place the veil on us. (Filipino tradition) Everyone laughed and cheered along with us and there weren't many dry eyes when Mark first saw me coming down the beach.

I saw him crying. I started crying...everyone started crying. We were all a'crying!

Tomboy Reflection: Yes, the wedding planning was stressful and annoying, but it paid off. We worked with this amazing planner named Hana who made it soooo special and perfect. Everything was beautiful and so very Mish like. I can't wait to see the pictures! Catch up with my friends. That will come later, though. I"m currently in Hawaii on my honeymoon.

We're staying at this fabulous resort that's known for tranquil bliss. No wifi...no tv in the rooms. Whaaaaaa?!?!?!?! I know, we freaked at first too, but these three days on this part of the island will be nice. More of that to come...if I feel like hiking back up to this library to post. Time to go zen!

With Luv and Kiwi,



  1. CONGRATS!!!!

    Love it all, and can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. Aww..huge congrats,sweetie:) I just looked at all the photos you posted of your wedding and they are dreamy:) I am so happy for you, muah.


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