Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts...

I'm having a hard time gathering my thoughts into one cohesive post. "Tell me about the wedding!" I'm getting that a lot and I sound like a bumbling idiot when I try to describe it. It was all just so frickin awesome. Seriously, as a writer I am failing right now. I want to find the words that describe just how wonderful it all was...sheer happiness, joy, was all those things that I've always heard that it could be, but never thought was real. (Chicks would tell me how they felt on their wedding days and I'd be like yeah yeah, it's all mushy fluff that you've been programmed to say due to too much rom com in the world.) I never really believed 'em, though. I always thought it was just a day where women could act like brats and be pampered like delusional princesses...

...But I REALLY did have THE best time of my life and I'm still high as a kite. I didn't have to be spoiled...I was just feeling the love and giving it right on back. A good friend who attended the wedding wrote me the best letter before she left to go live in Spain. Normally I wouldn't share something so personal, but she frickin wrote it better than I ever could and it's so the truth:

I'm so happy that I was able to be at your wedding. I cried big baby tears the whole time! You, Mark, just the whole situation was bubbling over with happiness and love. It was so special. I've always thought you are so beautiful...but you just shined in a whole different way that day. You looked so light and full of joy, like it would just lift you up and you'd float was amazing.

I could have floated away. On my wedding day I seriously loved everyone even more than usual. The friends and family who were there watching as we said our vows...their smiles and joy made me spill over with all things good and perfect and I started to cry because they were wonderful enough to want to share in that with us. People from all our walks of life were in one room together...meeting and connecting...making new lasting friendships. It was just this totally magical, wonderful experience that I got to witness personally. Our moms ganged up on us to discuss future grand babies, my great friend E watched and "got it" when I danced with my mom to our favorite Dolly Parton song because she listened to the same ish as a kid. Friends from college are now planning Vegas trips with friends from LA. Families are planning trips back to The Sanctuary Beach Resort to share the experience with their families.

Dude...I could gush on and on! It was THE pivotal, most special time of my life to date. (Winning the Oscar may or may not top that...I'm not sure.)

The food rocked! And wedding food NEVER rocks...(LIKE EVER.) The mish cocktails were tasty and perfect, the Donut Snob donuts kicked arse. The weather (wind and chill) made us all laugh and shake...and shake some more, but then felt perfect after dancing too much. There was a lounge area outside with a fire pit that people flocked to while others stood outside, facing the ocean and getting to know one another. It was just dope and chill. I can't wait to see Jason's pictures! I'll share some. Don't worry!

So yeah...that's what I have to say about my wedding. Pretty darn frickin awesomeness.  In all, the whole was definitely greater than the sum of all these parts. So great it escapes my vocabulary completely.

I snagged some facebook shots friends and family took. It tickles me how many fun shots people were able to capture.

With much Luv and Kiwi,

Mrs. Spider (aka Arana)

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