Buddha Belches

Every once in a blue moon I'll have these prolific Buddha belches...meaning I'll have short whiffs of beautiful, calm serenity that just leave me feeling centered and good from the inside out.

(I'm a neurotic worry wart by nature so don't be surprised that these belches come in spurts.)

Lately those sentiments of serenity (how's that for alliteration?!) have stretched themselves; extended and carried me through some pretty crazy moments. I've been just moving along like a gangsta of grace and loving/appreciating every durn moment of it.

It feels good to be happy. It feels good to find the blessings in everything.

There was one point in the honeymoon where Mark and I were eating breakfast at the Travaasa resort: We ate our breakfast and I volunteered to walk our leftover macadamia nut/coconut syrup pancakes back to the room. As I set out for the 10 minute walk, it began to rain...like RAIN RAIN and so I started sprinting like nobody's business to our place. After arriving, dropping the then soaked food I went outside on our deck and looked around laughing. It had stopped as fast as it had started. I was soaked of course. A woman who worked at the resort puttered by in her golf cart and smiled. I asked her how she dealt with the crazy showers. She quickly chuckled and said the Hana locals learned to love the rain. "The rains are blessings! Alohaaaaaaaaaa!...." and then she was gone.

And that was that. I stopped looking at the hourly rains as something ruining our groove and started throwing my hands up to the sky and shouting "Thanks for the blessings!" Those rains cooled us off when it started to get sticky. It warmed the waters and made all that beautiful lush land possible.

That mentality followed me home. I love that it's stuck inside my bones. It's etched a permanent smile across my face. We came home to weird chaos. You'd think since Mark and I had lived together before our wedding that we'd come home and just settle back in, but there were gifts to open, thank you's to start organizing, home chores to do, work to catch up on...I handled it all with calm grooviness. Mark sulked one evening and said he wanted to go back to Hana...that life was too gnarly back on the Mainland. I told him all of it was a blessing with a smile and his little inner Hana light flicked back on and he went about his day.

Ahhh to be happy and know that it's sustainable because it's perspective. Love. Love. Love.


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