Remnants From a Wedding


D came over last night to watch the Finale of Breaking Bad. I sat beside him and Mark and that's when it hit him:

"Whoa, you two are married!"

Mind you Don WAS indeed at the wedding WITH his dandy bow tie on dancing and partying the night away with us, but that's just a fun day. The actual marriage stuff takes awhile to click.

So it clicked for him. I'm preparing thank you's...going through our guest book (which happens to be a dictionary that we set out for people; guests were asked to choose a word that represents us) and I still haven't completely come to the full realization that I am in fact a wife.

The sparklers from our cake are currently chilling in a basil plant in our kitchen bay window. I'm making plans this week to mount the beautiful broom we jumped over. I'm hoping these wonderful mementos from the day will help ease me into reality.

I'm just loving all the remnants from that day...signs that I indeed did something absolutely lovely.

Buddha Belches

Every once in a blue moon I'll have these prolific Buddha belches...meaning I'll have short whiffs of beautiful, calm serenity that just leave me feeling centered and good from the inside out.

(I'm a neurotic worry wart by nature so don't be surprised that these belches come in spurts.)

Lately those sentiments of serenity (how's that for alliteration?!) have stretched themselves; extended and carried me through some pretty crazy moments. I've been just moving along like a gangsta of grace and loving/appreciating every durn moment of it.

It feels good to be happy. It feels good to find the blessings in everything.

There was one point in the honeymoon where Mark and I were eating breakfast at the Travaasa resort: We ate our breakfast and I volunteered to walk our leftover macadamia nut/coconut syrup pancakes back to the room. As I set out for the 10 minute walk, it began to RAIN RAIN and so I started sprinting like nobody's business to our place. After arriving, dropping the then soaked food I went outside on our deck and looked around laughing. It had stopped as fast as it had started. I was soaked of course. A woman who worked at the resort puttered by in her golf cart and smiled. I asked her how she dealt with the crazy showers. She quickly chuckled and said the Hana locals learned to love the rain. "The rains are blessings! Alohaaaaaaaaaa!...." and then she was gone.

And that was that. I stopped looking at the hourly rains as something ruining our groove and started throwing my hands up to the sky and shouting "Thanks for the blessings!" Those rains cooled us off when it started to get sticky. It warmed the waters and made all that beautiful lush land possible.

That mentality followed me home. I love that it's stuck inside my bones. It's etched a permanent smile across my face. We came home to weird chaos. You'd think since Mark and I had lived together before our wedding that we'd come home and just settle back in, but there were gifts to open, thank you's to start organizing, home chores to do, work to catch up on...I handled it all with calm grooviness. Mark sulked one evening and said he wanted to go back to Hana...that life was too gnarly back on the Mainland. I told him all of it was a blessing with a smile and his little inner Hana light flicked back on and he went about his day.

Ahhh to be happy and know that it's sustainable because it's perspective. Love. Love. Love.

Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts...

I'm having a hard time gathering my thoughts into one cohesive post. "Tell me about the wedding!" I'm getting that a lot and I sound like a bumbling idiot when I try to describe it. It was all just so frickin awesome. Seriously, as a writer I am failing right now. I want to find the words that describe just how wonderful it all was...sheer happiness, joy, was all those things that I've always heard that it could be, but never thought was real. (Chicks would tell me how they felt on their wedding days and I'd be like yeah yeah, it's all mushy fluff that you've been programmed to say due to too much rom com in the world.) I never really believed 'em, though. I always thought it was just a day where women could act like brats and be pampered like delusional princesses...

...But I REALLY did have THE best time of my life and I'm still high as a kite. I didn't have to be spoiled...I was just feeling the love and giving it right on back. A good friend who attended the wedding wrote me the best letter before she left to go live in Spain. Normally I wouldn't share something so personal, but she frickin wrote it better than I ever could and it's so the truth:

I'm so happy that I was able to be at your wedding. I cried big baby tears the whole time! You, Mark, just the whole situation was bubbling over with happiness and love. It was so special. I've always thought you are so beautiful...but you just shined in a whole different way that day. You looked so light and full of joy, like it would just lift you up and you'd float was amazing.

I could have floated away. On my wedding day I seriously loved everyone even more than usual. The friends and family who were there watching as we said our vows...their smiles and joy made me spill over with all things good and perfect and I started to cry because they were wonderful enough to want to share in that with us. People from all our walks of life were in one room together...meeting and connecting...making new lasting friendships. It was just this totally magical, wonderful experience that I got to witness personally. Our moms ganged up on us to discuss future grand babies, my great friend E watched and "got it" when I danced with my mom to our favorite Dolly Parton song because she listened to the same ish as a kid. Friends from college are now planning Vegas trips with friends from LA. Families are planning trips back to The Sanctuary Beach Resort to share the experience with their families.

Dude...I could gush on and on! It was THE pivotal, most special time of my life to date. (Winning the Oscar may or may not top that...I'm not sure.)

The food rocked! And wedding food NEVER rocks...(LIKE EVER.) The mish cocktails were tasty and perfect, the Donut Snob donuts kicked arse. The weather (wind and chill) made us all laugh and shake...and shake some more, but then felt perfect after dancing too much. There was a lounge area outside with a fire pit that people flocked to while others stood outside, facing the ocean and getting to know one another. It was just dope and chill. I can't wait to see Jason's pictures! I'll share some. Don't worry!

So yeah...that's what I have to say about my wedding. Pretty darn frickin awesomeness.  In all, the whole was definitely greater than the sum of all these parts. So great it escapes my vocabulary completely.

I snagged some facebook shots friends and family took. It tickles me how many fun shots people were able to capture.

With much Luv and Kiwi,

Mrs. Spider (aka Arana)

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Saying our Vows

Kiss the Bride

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When Honeys Moon

Some of my favorite photos from the honeymoon. 

Ohana Means Family

I don't know why the sun goddess chooses when she will make her presence known, but I admire her gangsta style.

Mark and I decided to watch the sunrise at Haleakala Volcano early on in our trip. It was there that I heard Mark say he had finally met the sun to a couple we had just meant. It touched me most certainly. That sunrise was beautiful...magical and freezing arse cold to behold! I was crying when she peaked; partially from her splendor and partially because it meant I'd start to warm up!

I laugh, but the whole long and torturous way down the mountain all I thought about was Mark's comment. He had finally met the sun. Something changed in us when we went to Hawaii. We gained a new admiration and respect for Mama Nature. We began to see the earth and our surroundings with an awe reserved for folk who were once blind and then see. Yep, we went Hawaii rogue. Did not want to come home. Did not want to pass go and collect the $200.

Luckily, we have great friends who knew we'd need some help acclimating back into LA life. We had a small get together last night to watch Breaking Bad and the Emmy's. We all cooked together; laughing and screaming at all the crazy stuff happening on that darn show.

In Hawaiian Ohana means family. We took that concept of family and how important it is to heart...and back with us on the plane. E and D coming over and sharing stories with us from the wedding...getting excited with us over video and pictures meant a lot. Let's face it, you usually go to a wedding and then that's it for the guests. They move on, but they did a sweet job of letting us talk and process it now that we're both. That's why we consider 'em family.

In our ceremony there was a part where Michele (my dear beautiful officiant) asked the family to welcome each of us. When Michele said welcome during the family part I got really emotional, because that's basically EVERYTHING. Our friends here in LA have become our family and help us in so many ways.

I had no earthly idea where to start in regards to what I'd write about: would it be the wedding or the honeymoon? Had to start with family. We arrived home late on Saturday night; just bummed and sad out of our minds, but my mom had done the sweetest thing (that I do when I house sit, too.) She left us little post-its all over with sweet messages and it totally made putting away groceries and running errands sweet and enjoyable.'s what helps the medicine go down.

The "Old Road" back to Hana...Taking the Sun with us.



We keep it classy.

The wedding has happened. Life is good. I'm hitched now. Mark keeps calling me wifey, which is weird man. Really weird. It'll kick in sooner or later.

The above pic is of me and my kid sisters. The one in the middle (Nina) flew in from South Korea for the big day. The one on the right (Andrea) and her husband hail from Middle Earth (aka The Midwest.) I felt so blessed to have the folks we had come. There were those two crazy nuts as well as folks coming off Navy ships, Portugal...We had a friend stay for the ceremony before she left for Spain; where she will live for a year. Another couple flew in for a couple hours just to show support. Lots of crazy travel...missed planes, long stays in airports, but they came and they joined in on the fun.

I lost my veil in the wind right as we were coming to the part of the ceremony where the officiant (my homegirl, Michele) was telling my mom and mother-in-law to place the veil on us. (Filipino tradition) Everyone laughed and cheered along with us and there weren't many dry eyes when Mark first saw me coming down the beach.

I saw him crying. I started crying...everyone started crying. We were all a'crying!

Tomboy Reflection: Yes, the wedding planning was stressful and annoying, but it paid off. We worked with this amazing planner named Hana who made it soooo special and perfect. Everything was beautiful and so very Mish like. I can't wait to see the pictures! Catch up with my friends. That will come later, though. I"m currently in Hawaii on my honeymoon.

We're staying at this fabulous resort that's known for tranquil bliss. No tv in the rooms. Whaaaaaa?!?!?!?! I know, we freaked at first too, but these three days on this part of the island will be nice. More of that to come...if I feel like hiking back up to this library to post. Time to go zen!

With Luv and Kiwi,


Pre-Wedding Jitters?


No jitters, no nerves! Mark and I are both living it up. We left a little later than we had originally planned to, but we made it to Marina early and had time to meet with our planner, the venue manager and the reception folk. We had a late dinner and then came back to our suite and toasted to our good fortune over champagne and ocean waves.

It's absolutely lovely here at the Sanctuary Beach Resort. I totally recommend it to anyone looking for the quintessential peaceful place. You zen here. You can't help but become still and centered.

I love it here. I love this dude beside me...especially his sumo wrestler pony tail. I love love! Can you tell I'm on a love high?!

I'll sleep good tonight knowing that tomorrow our friends and family will all arrive. We've planned a bonfire party complete with s'mores, cool weather and chill vibes. Then Friday...the big day where I'll say all that sweet stuff.

I hope to take lots of pictures along the way. I've always documented the ISH out of my life. (This comes as no surprise to any of you.) I have a talent for still being in the moment while the camera's snapping away. It's a gift, I say. If all else fails I know guests from the wedding will use the hashtag #Mish2013 so if you're on twitter or Instagram check it out! Share in the fun! I've come such a frickin long way. Who would have ever thought the nerdy gal who cried herself to sleep as a young girl would finally marry a wonderful dude who makes her swoon. (He is quite a hotty, ya know.)

Thanks for reading and sticking with me. This is only the beginning. Becoming a Mrs. is only chapter two...We've got a lot ahead of us! Here's to a bright and exciting future! Cheers!

The Oviatt Penthouse


The Oviatt Penthouse was absolutely eye-bulging splendor to behold.

Art Deco drips from the ceilings to the floors. 1927 is permanently etched into the walls. It's lovely.

Wedding Week | Feeling All the Things!


Yesterday Mark and I attended a friend's wedding in downtown LA. So weird to sit at a wedding knowing that yours is right around the corner. I always tear up during the vow part, but this time I was too busy being nervous as heck for the bride and groom. (Is there such a thing as projecting selfish empathy? Making it all about you? lol)

It's always a treat to see the couple's personalities pop out in how they carried out their wedding. You can learn so much if you pay attention!

...Which can be said about just about everything in life, no?

My stomach is in knots now. My dreams are all wonky and weird. This ish is happening. What does it feel like? It's a weird feeling. There's excitement. There are nerves that feel like a wrecking ball keeps swinging into my gut. There's this weird surreal delusional thing where I still feel like I'm 14 and there's no way I, Tish the Dish Who Wished She Were a Fish, will marry this week.

This stuff doesn't happen! I'm dreaming! I'll wake up and I'll be a kid again who just fell asleep while watching Today's Special. If that ain't a blast from the past!

Everything's ready to go. I just have to remember to breath and remember this is just a big party...that our nearest and dearest will be pressure.

Stress Can Be Your Friend!

TED talk, stress, friend, perspective

I watched THE most amazingly informative TED talk today regarding stress and how to truly handle the moments that make you want to pull out your hairs. (The good ones, not the greys!)

Turns out I wasn't far off when I came up with my wondrous phrase, "I have tooted in my pants and am now one with the world." Watch Kelly McGonigal's chat and share the love. It's amazing what happens when you find the fun in the funk...which will totally now be my new favorite motto.


Nine days until we get hitched!

It's ALMOST OVER!!! (I'm crying in desperate hopeful wonderment not because I'm bridal and want to get all gushy in front of friends and family. I'm going cry baby chic because all the drama and stress is almost kaput!)

Luckily my lovely play sis called me yesterday and offered up two lovely pieces of great news. She has finished the broom she is making for us AND her fabulous outfit that I can't reveal quite yet arrived. My officiant is going to be one dazzling woman of beauty.

It's those little moments that are keeping me sane.

{picture by: Michele--broom maker extraordinaire}

Jen and I giggled on the phone yesterday as well. We have the best structure to how we communicate. It always ends with some perverted, but perfect something that sends us into fits of laughter. Just a nice, immature push to remind us that we're kidults and we don't have to take all the metaphysical poop that's flung at us wee mortals on a day to day business.

It's those little moments that keep me laughing.

Mr. Cinderfella is going on a business trip this week. Wonderful timing, right?! I'm actually glad he gets to get away and play with cool dudes he enjoys shooting the shat with. (There's this ginger head that he digs who lives in St. Louis that I know he's tickled green to talk boy stuff with.) I shall miss him, but my happiness for him far out weighs the separation anxiety.

It's those little moments that let me know I picked the right egg.

{I swear he takes joy in setting out his outfits. Instagram nuts who #ootd all day 'err day got nothing on him!}

So yes, I'm stressed and totally about to go gangster cray cray on the next person that approaches me with bad news of any kind BUT I'm paying attention to all the magical moments because when push comes to shove, that's what's defined me my whole life...a gal who's totally preoccupied with finding and enjoying the razzle dazzle.

Honestly...with luv and kiwi,


A Day Free of Labor



Korean BBQ, good friends and some awesome cocktails. That was my weekend. In a yummy nutshell. With two weeks to go we had to keep our budget on lock down. I mean our money is GROUNDED! Must stay home! May not go out with its friends and hang.

We made it work, though. Thank GOD for wine and Netflix. We made it work. At the end of the day it's all about the little things.

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