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I've mentioned Slaughterhouse 90210 before, right? Yes, I have because I just found the last post.

I tweet the ish out of Maris' Tumblr page, which appears in my Flipboard feed on my Stella (the iPad.) Why? Because all of her stuff is relevant. It's hilarious. It always hits home and by God it involves THE best pop culture scenes a gal could ask for.

Unfortunately I've been the kind of sick that doesn't really allow for clear thoughts (meaning reading was out of the question.) Yesterday was my first day back in the land of the living. First stop: Slaughterhouse 90210! I wasn't disappointed, either. Gotta love

Claire Daines, Homeland, Slaughterhouse 90210

Orange is the New Black, Slaughterhouse 90210

New Girl, Fox, Slaughterhouse 90210


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