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“To have a friend and be a friend is what makes life worthwhile.” ~Unknown

...This is the story of 13 girls picked to live in a house. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start being real.

That was what I wrote on one of the first instagram posts I took in Palm Springs. 13 girls in a home?! You would have thunk I went mad, but I think deep down I knew what I was doing because that was one of the most beautiful, touching, lovely, fun and epic weekends of my life.

I write none of that lightly. We arrived at this amazing, HUGE home with fabulous energy and it was like instant love with everyone. I saw lots of girls connect and make new sister connections. Everyone was so hilarious and kind and they really, REALLY spoiled me with love. I was overwhelmed with how happy I was. Even now my heart could explode. I just don't know how I got so lucky.

As I sat reflecting with some of the girls I learned that everyone was so amazed that everyone was so kind, intelligent and fun. Many said that it was one of the best bachelorette parties they had ever been to and I think it's because of the company that was there. I truly do! E and Jenn went out of their way to make that weekend special. I'm talking great gift bags for all the

It will forever be etched on my soul. E was brilliant and found time to secretly tape a message from Mark: A message for all the girls and me...and in that message he mentioned why he loves me and that he's in awe of the friendships I I am with my friends and how phenomenal they are. We all teared up! Jenn says the integrity and beauty that all the women displayed was a testament to my heart and I LOST.IT.

My friendships have always been important to me. I've written time and time again about how good a true friend is for the soul. I cherish the people and what they bring to my life and these thirteen women...I am thankful for them. I am in awe of them and I am in love with 'em!

Thank you ladies for giving me something I can recall and draw upon years and years down the road.

Luv and Kiwi,


This served as heaven for the weekend.

This decor was indicative of the energy swirling around that piece! Zennnnnned OUT.

Yes, this is what a bride who will be getting married on the beach looks like.

Some of the first girls to arrive...

Thoughtful things to make the weekend extra fun. 

Channeling Ariel from Little Mermaid.

...Yeah I got down. Vegas pools ain't got nothin on our pool. (Well maybe Syphilis but that's about it.)


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