The Bachelorette Video | Nothing Naughty Folks!

...well TOO naughty.

My wonderful Woman of Honor put this together for us all to watch one night during the bachelorette weekend extravaganza.

Here's the deal. It's SO hard to accept be the center of so much love and support. I'm a classic love blocker. You give me a compliment and I'll find a way to dodge it and give you one...much easier for me to do, but that weekend I allowed myself to just feel ALL THE LOVE!

This video made me tear up for sure because it reminded me that these people aren't just blowing smoke up my fanny (butt not hoo hoo for all you English folks!) These are the things they see in me and what they think I bring to the table. I just allowed all of it to come in.

Love in. Tears out.

I have the best group of girlfriends in the world!


  1. this is so awesome and so you!

  2. Aww..that is the sweetest video ever! Oh boy, you really have an amazing group of friends, lovely. Kisses


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