One Month Until I Become Mrs. Spider!!!

13 is my lucky number which explains why we're getting hitched on that particular day of the month. Today marks exactly one month away from the fella and I getting hitched. That's weird just typing! My butt just twitched a bit. Me?! I'm getting married?! That little awkward looking girl who wished and hoped that one day she'd tie the knot. She's doing it!

Some days I'll catch myself looking at him with my mouth hanging open (a little drool at the corners) wondering how in the world I got this lucky. We definitely have our spaztastic moments where I want to thump his forehead with passionate anger, but overall my Cinderfella is my favorite gift from the Big Man Upstairs. He's hella cool and fun...goofy and sweet. (He's also easy on the eyes, too. That's a swell perk.) Forgive me for the moments of mush, but I've just never been with someone this kind and great. I really didn't think that stuff existed. It does! It does!

Love aside: we're in the final throws of wedding planning. It's no secret I dislike this stuff. I have visions (lofty ones) but I suck balls at executing that stuff. Pinterest is my worst enemy I tell ya! That being said, we've done a pretty good job of not losing our ish completely. We hired a planner since it's a destination thang and she's helping SOOO much. We've blocked off the rest of our weekends to get stuff done...the final touches. Holy bumber balls! Where did the time go?! I swear he just proposed! We were just freaking out about where to even start with all this madness!

We're keeping it mad simple and personal...remembering this is just one day. One day that will change my world as I know it! No pressure, though.

So here's to my last month of being a senorita. Senora here I come!


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