License to Wed

Okay NOW it feels like I'm a grown up! Mark and I just got back from the courthouse. We signed the papers...I signed off on taking his last name! Whaaaaaaaa!

I'm not gonna lie, I started getting emotional. It's so odd...this whole getting married thing. Changing your's a BIG DEAL! It's weird! It's surreal. I was me: Tish the Dish--Single Girl Extraordinaire for so long. Yet here I am less than a month out from saying "I do." Does that freak anyone else out?! 

There were always certain life experiences that I could never envision as a kid. I never saw myself driving...and I never saw myself getting hitched. Welp...I'm driving and I'm about to be wifey in a hot second. When will this truly set in? I have no clue, but I have a good feeling I'll end up doing the ugly cry. It's just weird man...I can't stress that enough.

We've lived together for a couple years so I always thought getting married would just be a formality...that it would just be a word on a piece of paper but it's actually feeling different. I'm different! I'm changing! Ahhhh! 

So yeah...this was just a cluster of thoughts farting out of of my brain. Sorry for the rambling. Keep thinking that writing about it will help me process it all...let it truly sink in. I'm thinking that won't happen until I'm there...waiting for the wedding planner to tell me to start walking down the aisle to that wanker of a man who asked me if I'd like to spend the rest of my life with him. 

I'm happy. Dazed and razzled, but happy.


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