Bride Down!

Okay wifey mamas out there in the world...why didn't y'all tell me that you're bound to get sick RIGHT before your wedding?!

I'm sick! Not like baby tiny cough sick...I mean full blown, no showering, no moving, body is going through the same hell that Bella Swan must have experienced when she made the vampire change sick. I am thankful as heck that this happened now and not my wedding week, but still. I would have been popping vitamin C horse pills and quercetin if I had known this was bound to happen.

I cried like a chump twice this weekend! Why you ask? Because whether I dig it or not I have something resembling bridal brain and it had plans for the weekend. I had ish to do! I had hairs to cut! Hairs to color, too! I had craft projects to complete...STUFF. I did NONE OF THE THINGS when I should have been doing ALL OF THE THINGS!

Oh well, no crying over spilled hot tea with honey, right?

It all works out in the end. That's the crazy part, after all. I'm close enough to the day where I see the finish line in site. I can't WAIT to no longer be a chick planning a stinking wedding. You realize you're seen different once he pops the question...It's like you--the goofy, non-planning, cool chick--goes away and in her place pops up a girl whose sole purpose in life is to plan this princess day with some cray cray theme. butt twitches at themes! You know what my theme is? It's, "We're getting married. Here's some music and some food. Y'all play with those things while I stand over here and kiss this dude and agree to marry him."

Back to regularly scheduled sipping.


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