Bridal Burdens

Holy crap I am not a blushing bride! I don't like this stuff AT ALL!

Women who sprinkle ideas that wedding planning is fun, sweet and special need to be slapped with an ivory shovel head. (smiles) It's SOOOO stressful. I think women are just scared to be looked at as crazed, maniacal, stressed out chicks who can't put together a little ole wedding. Because we're supposed to be sweet little angels (think the princess from The NeverEnding Story) they hold it all in, bearing an eerie grin.

Bump that! When friends tell me they've gotten engaged I secretly weep for them. It's not a walk in the park. I want to scream at them to elope!

She's pleading with newly engaged couples, "Don't do it! Save yourselves!"

There's super late RSVP'ers, surprise costs that will make your arse twitch as well as this splendid illness that I just can't seem to shake. If I make it through that day...sigh. That is all. IF I make it through that day...


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