Blend In and Stand Out Simultaneously

I have my introverted moments...

Moments that require me to check the heck out. I don't want to be a dreamer during those moments. I don't want to think of all the bad auditions. The hundreds of girls around me with the same look and the same darn hunger. I just want to exist in the blur of all that curly hair.

Then moments like last night come up. Moments that consist of sitting with my fella, watching something that's totally inspiring and moving. This particular sweet flick happened to be Katy Perry: Best of Me and it seriously pulled me from all possible attempts at wallflowering myself and shoved me back where I belong...with the dreamers who dream without fear or regret.

I meet with my agent today to sign a new contract. Good thing I've received a jolt of hope, eh?

The ups and the downs...the blending in, but needing to stand out simultaneously. This life can drive a gal manic if I let it. I choose to keep my eyes open...believe with conviction that I was chosen to be a woman with a dream got. I shall sign that contract with eight years worth of gusto!!!

I will see my dream unfold from its tight cocoon. Just tell me where to sign.


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