Just to Be the Man


When has a cover/remix ever been better than the original? I'm sure many times. Please don't list all the songs. 

This is just one of those times where they do better than the originals. This song makes me weak in the knees. It made me melt. I was crabby and grumpy and then my tiny heart grew. I looked over at my sleeping fiance (it's 8pm, y'all!) and suddenly remembered why I'm marrying his grandpoppy little behind. 

I owe the band one. 

Functional Chaos

Functional chaos...

That's what I'm living in right now. Being a Type A personality I've planned everything to the T and everything is basically done, done, DONE for the wedding, but there are still mean little moving parts of my life that won't allow me to control them. Like all the weird popup suprises that come with your last couple weeks of wedding planning.

Joyful joyful!

That being cried over, I choose to dwell on the positive. Just swim in it!

  1. I was awesome and got a LOT of my wedding planning done back in January. The stuff I'm dealing with now is piddly little stuff.
  2. Mark (aka Jersey, aka Cinderfella) and I are slowly getting over our virus weird ish that hit us HAWD.
  3. Mark gave me the most touching early wedding present; a pearl necklace that I can one day give to my daughter (or daughter in-law-to-be) on her wedding day.
  4. My Vogue September issue is captivating the crap out of me every night! I've had it for two weeks and I'm still not done reading it!
  5. It's pay day!
  6. It's Friday!
  7. I have oodles of cocktail options in my bar to experiment with this weekend. I'm trying some stuff out on D. We're having a BBQ fit for the gods.
  8. I picked up target essentials today that make me happy. (toilet paper, butt wet wipes, smelly good things to make rooms smell heavenly and my favorite soaps.)
  9. It's a three-day weekend!
  10. I'm about to work out and then that'll be five days I worked out consecutively! Go me!
It's all about what we choose to focus on, right? Happy Friday folks! 

Luv and Kiwi,


Tiffany & Co., wedidng, pearls, wedding gift, functional chaos

...Because really, who could have a bad day when a Tiffany & Co. box is sitting in your hand?

To Build a Home


The Cinematic Orchestra.

I fell in love with this song immediately. I swear with all the boo boo that occurred on the VMAs, it's nice to hear some music with some grit, emotion, truth and substance. 

Palm Springs

How I miss this place and the friends who stayed with me here...

I crave it so much that the Universe listened. My cousin asked Mark and I if we'd like to return to Palm Springs this fall for a long weekend. Mark didn't even bat an eye. YES! YES, we will go! 

I'm going back to the warmth and the trees...and the desert! Weeeeeeee! 

Palm Springs, vacation, bachelorette party

Bridal Burdens

Holy crap I am not a blushing bride! I don't like this stuff AT ALL!

Women who sprinkle ideas that wedding planning is fun, sweet and special need to be slapped with an ivory shovel head. (smiles) It's SOOOO stressful. I think women are just scared to be looked at as crazed, maniacal, stressed out chicks who can't put together a little ole wedding. Because we're supposed to be sweet little angels (think the princess from The NeverEnding Story) they hold it all in, bearing an eerie grin.

Bump that! When friends tell me they've gotten engaged I secretly weep for them. It's not a walk in the park. I want to scream at them to elope!

She's pleading with newly engaged couples, "Don't do it! Save yourselves!"

There's super late RSVP'ers, surprise costs that will make your arse twitch as well as this splendid illness that I just can't seem to shake. If I make it through that day...sigh. That is all. IF I make it through that day...

Wedding dress


Yesterday I drove to Pasadena and picked up my wedding dress. 

That's probably one of THE most girly, whimsically delicious sentences I've ever written. It was such a sweet trip. I walked in and the girls were waiting for me at Panache Bridal. The seamstress took me back to my dressing room and there, underneath the soft lights I tried on Scarlett to see how she fit. 

Because of that low down dirty plague I caught I lost some unexpected weight in all the wrong places. She took in the parts that needed some extra love and out I walked with a pretty dress on my arm. I walked down Green street (no joke...true street name) a happy little wheezing girl.

Tumblr Philosophy

I've mentioned Slaughterhouse 90210 before, right? Yes, I have because I just found the last post.

I tweet the ish out of Maris' Tumblr page, which appears in my Flipboard feed on my Stella (the iPad.) Why? Because all of her stuff is relevant. It's hilarious. It always hits home and by God it involves THE best pop culture scenes a gal could ask for.

Unfortunately I've been the kind of sick that doesn't really allow for clear thoughts (meaning reading was out of the question.) Yesterday was my first day back in the land of the living. First stop: Slaughterhouse 90210! I wasn't disappointed, either. Gotta love

Claire Daines, Homeland, Slaughterhouse 90210

Orange is the New Black, Slaughterhouse 90210

New Girl, Fox, Slaughterhouse 90210

Bride Down!

Okay wifey mamas out there in the world...why didn't y'all tell me that you're bound to get sick RIGHT before your wedding?!

I'm sick! Not like baby tiny cough sick...I mean full blown, no showering, no moving, body is going through the same hell that Bella Swan must have experienced when she made the vampire change sick. I am thankful as heck that this happened now and not my wedding week, but still. I would have been popping vitamin C horse pills and quercetin if I had known this was bound to happen.

I cried like a chump twice this weekend! Why you ask? Because whether I dig it or not I have something resembling bridal brain and it had plans for the weekend. I had ish to do! I had hairs to cut! Hairs to color, too! I had craft projects to complete...STUFF. I did NONE OF THE THINGS when I should have been doing ALL OF THE THINGS!

Oh well, no crying over spilled hot tea with honey, right?

It all works out in the end. That's the crazy part, after all. I'm close enough to the day where I see the finish line in site. I can't WAIT to no longer be a chick planning a stinking wedding. You realize you're seen different once he pops the question...It's like you--the goofy, non-planning, cool chick--goes away and in her place pops up a girl whose sole purpose in life is to plan this princess day with some cray cray theme. Themes...my butt twitches at themes! You know what my theme is? It's, "We're getting married. Here's some music and some food. Y'all play with those things while I stand over here and kiss this dude and agree to marry him."

Back to regularly scheduled sipping.

License to Wed

Okay NOW it feels like I'm a grown up! Mark and I just got back from the courthouse. We signed the papers...I signed off on taking his last name! Whaaaaaaaa!

I'm not gonna lie, I started getting emotional. It's so odd...this whole getting married thing. Changing your name...it's a BIG DEAL! It's weird! It's surreal. I was me: Tish the Dish--Single Girl Extraordinaire for so long. Yet here I am less than a month out from saying "I do." Does that freak anyone else out?! 

There were always certain life experiences that I could never envision as a kid. I never saw myself driving...and I never saw myself getting hitched. Welp...I'm driving and I'm about to be wifey in a hot second. When will this truly set in? I have no clue, but I have a good feeling I'll end up doing the ugly cry. It's just weird man...I can't stress that enough.

We've lived together for a couple years so I always thought getting married would just be a formality...that it would just be a word on a piece of paper but it's actually feeling different. I'm different! I'm changing! Ahhhh! 

So yeah...this was just a cluster of thoughts farting out of of my brain. Sorry for the rambling. Keep thinking that writing about it will help me process it all...let it truly sink in. I'm thinking that won't happen until I'm there...waiting for the wedding planner to tell me to start walking down the aisle to that wanker of a man who asked me if I'd like to spend the rest of my life with him. 

I'm happy. Dazed and razzled, but happy.

One Month Until I Become Mrs. Spider!!!

13 is my lucky number which explains why we're getting hitched on that particular day of the month. Today marks exactly one month away from the fella and I getting hitched. That's weird just typing! My butt just twitched a bit. Me?! I'm getting married?! That little awkward looking girl who wished and hoped that one day she'd tie the knot. She's doing it!

Some days I'll catch myself looking at him with my mouth hanging open (a little drool at the corners) wondering how in the world I got this lucky. We definitely have our spaztastic moments where I want to thump his forehead with passionate anger, but overall my Cinderfella is my favorite gift from the Big Man Upstairs. He's hella cool and fun...goofy and sweet. (He's also easy on the eyes, too. That's a swell perk.) Forgive me for the moments of mush, but I've just never been with someone this kind and great. I really didn't think that stuff existed. It does! It does!

Love aside: we're in the final throws of wedding planning. It's no secret I dislike this stuff. I have visions (lofty ones) but I suck balls at executing that stuff. Pinterest is my worst enemy I tell ya! That being said, we've done a pretty good job of not losing our ish completely. We hired a planner since it's a destination thang and she's helping SOOO much. We've blocked off the rest of our weekends to get stuff done...the final touches. Holy bumber balls! Where did the time go?! I swear he just proposed! We were just freaking out about where to even start with all this madness!

We're keeping it mad simple and personal...remembering this is just one day. One day that will change my world as I know it! No pressure, though.

So here's to my last month of being a senorita. Senora here I come!

Blend In and Stand Out Simultaneously

I have my introverted moments...

Moments that require me to check the heck out. I don't want to be a dreamer during those moments. I don't want to think of all the bad auditions. The hundreds of girls around me with the same look and the same darn hunger. I just want to exist in the blur of all that curly hair.

Then moments like last night come up. Moments that consist of sitting with my fella, watching something that's totally inspiring and moving. This particular sweet flick happened to be Katy Perry: Best of Me and it seriously pulled me from all possible attempts at wallflowering myself and shoved me back where I belong...with the dreamers who dream without fear or regret.

I meet with my agent today to sign a new contract. Good thing I've received a jolt of hope, eh?

The ups and the downs...the blending in, but needing to stand out simultaneously. This life can drive a gal manic if I let it. I choose to keep my eyes open...believe with conviction that I was chosen to be a woman with a dream got. I shall sign that contract with eight years worth of gusto!!!

I will see my dream unfold from its tight cocoon. Just tell me where to sign.

Do For Love


When you wake up with a song in your head pay attention. 

I went the whole weekend with this gem stuck in my noggin so I figured I'd share the grooves. I loved Tupac, but moving out to California severely diminished the frequency of how often I could jam. (My ears don't enjoy hearing the same thing over and over again.) 

This also includes Red Hot Chili Peppers as well as that stinking, "Welcome to the Hotel of California" so Tupac shouldn't feel too butt hurt. (Since he's chillin on a secluded island somewhere, ya know) I didn't single him out. 

As for this lovely little sample of a Bobby Caldwell song; enjoy the tunes and remember to embrace the life soundtracks that constantly loop in your head. It means something! 

The Bachelorette Video | Nothing Naughty Folks!

...well TOO naughty.

My wonderful Woman of Honor put this together for us all to watch one night during the bachelorette weekend extravaganza.

Here's the deal. It's SO hard to accept compliments...to be the center of so much love and support. I'm a classic love blocker. You give me a compliment and I'll find a way to dodge it and give you one...much easier for me to do, but that weekend I allowed myself to just feel ALL THE LOVE!

This video made me tear up for sure because it reminded me that these people aren't just blowing smoke up my fanny (butt not hoo hoo for all you English folks!) These are the things they see in me and what they think I bring to the table. I just allowed all of it to come in.

Love in. Tears out.

I have the best group of girlfriends in the world!

The Real World | Palm Springs


“To have a friend and be a friend is what makes life worthwhile.” ~Unknown

...This is the story of 13 girls picked to live in a house. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start being real.

That was what I wrote on one of the first instagram posts I took in Palm Springs. 13 girls in a home?! You would have thunk I went mad, but I think deep down I knew what I was doing because that was one of the most beautiful, touching, lovely, fun and epic weekends of my life.

I write none of that lightly. We arrived at this amazing, HUGE home with fabulous energy and it was like instant love with everyone. I saw lots of girls connect and make new sister connections. Everyone was so hilarious and kind and they really, REALLY spoiled me with love. I was overwhelmed with how happy I was. Even now my heart could explode. I just don't know how I got so lucky.

As I sat reflecting with some of the girls I learned that everyone was so amazed that everyone was so kind, intelligent and fun. Many said that it was one of the best bachelorette parties they had ever been to and I think it's because of the company that was there. I truly do! E and Jenn went out of their way to make that weekend special. I'm talking great gift bags for all the girls...cocktails...pools...facials...games.

It will forever be etched on my soul. E was brilliant and found time to secretly tape a message from Mark: A message for all the girls and me...and in that message he mentioned why he loves me and that he's in awe of the friendships I have...how I am with my friends and how phenomenal they are. We all teared up! Jenn says the integrity and beauty that all the women displayed was a testament to my heart and I LOST.IT.

My friendships have always been important to me. I've written time and time again about how good a true friend is for the soul. I cherish the people and what they bring to my life and these thirteen women...I am thankful for them. I am in awe of them and I am in love with 'em!

Thank you ladies for giving me something I can recall and draw upon years and years down the road.

Luv and Kiwi,


This served as heaven for the weekend.

This decor was indicative of the energy swirling around that piece! Zennnnnned OUT.

Yes, this is what a bride who will be getting married on the beach looks like.

Some of the first girls to arrive...

Thoughtful things to make the weekend extra fun. 

Channeling Ariel from Little Mermaid.

...Yeah I got down. Vegas pools ain't got nothin on our pool. (Well maybe Syphilis but that's about it.)

Here Comes the Bride


Jenn, the Woman of Honor, flew in yesterday to help with all things bachelorette party before the actual weekend of heavenly bliss begins.

For this bride-to-be's getaway we will be visiting a lovely home in Palm Springs complete with pimped out pool, hot tub, waterfall...I shall frolic in the water like a happy little Pisces fish!

Because Jenn is who she is, she came bearing gifts. I received this beautiful book of poetry by Roger Housden. It's a collection of some of THE most beautiful words I have ever read. Rumi makes an appearance. I love me some Rumi!

I teared up. I have THE best fiance on the planet. I have THE best friend in the universe. Life really is grand.
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