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I love stumbling across shops with character. This store in Sherman Oaks, Twenty20, is teeny tiny, yet I managed to stay in there for a good half hour. This is unheard of for an anti-shopper like myself. (I browse efficiently and get the heck out of there!)

This place was hella cool, though. It's a dude's store, but when did that ever stop me from pulling out my wallet? I bought a tee that I wore out of the store. Cut those tags, folks! I'll take it!

This is Charles Barkely's shoe. Mark wants that bad boy super duper bad. They're $300. Normally I'd call him crazy, but I actually dig the shoe...and the baller who inspired it.

I learned all about this bad boy; Michael Jordan's infamous "Banned Jordans." These fellas go for $700. Why you ask? Because Jordan kept wearing the darn things on the court and getting fined $5,000 a game. At the time black shoes weren't allowed, but home boy knew they were fly. I'm not sure I would have found them to be $5,000 fly but to each their own.

This is when I started cracking up. Men are JUST as bad as women when it comes to silly expensive purchases. The top hat on the left is $1,000. You read that right!'s cashmere and people have already bought some. The store hasn't even been open a month and they're flying out of this locked glass case.

I loved this tshirt so much I had to get it. Call me a cool gangsta hippie.

No clue what I was doing in this pic. The beginning of a flex? Weirdo...

Sad, ain't it?


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