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Great adventures require a camera and a good partner in crime...

Mark and I decided to meet up with a group of folk in Chinatown for a KCRW (NPR) event. There was food, crafts, fun music and lots of fun stun to look at. I felt so alive and hyper and great. I bought some art for the walls, a slammin sushi burrito, naan (because when food trucks are there why NOT go random ass on the diet) and some killer cool wedding stuff for the reception. (Most excited about that.) 

In all, it was one of those magical nights where you lean over to your partner and scream in the ear, "This is frickin amazing!" and then you dance until confetti stops poppin.

New Chinatown...I love stepping into this hood and feeling like I've been plopped into another country. It'll have to do until we can start traveling in 2014.


Tofu ball humor.


Los Angeles photography. 


Bruce Lee brings out my gangsta.


Watching the man work.


I wrote 'winter' or dong.


It rained hundred dolla bills!


His father was one of the founders of New Chinatown. I was combing through books in his shop and he came over and started telling me stories. Most fascinating conversation. I love history. I still swear in a past life I was a Chinese woman.


Jason Bentley on the turntables.



  1. Love your photos! You really captured the awesomeness that is Chinatown. What camera do you use? You are talented!


    1. Thanks Carmen! :) I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. No special lens or anything...yet (wink wink)


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