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Sometimes you just need a sign...

I was hanging out in Venice over the weekend and stumbled upon this serendipitous treat along the way to the beach. My life lately has been one endless "please hold." It's consisted of "be patient" and "your time will come."

I had that God awful, embarrassing audition. Haven't had one since. (I swear I've been put on some sort of black list.)

Wedding planning consists of do! do! do! then wait! wait! wait!

I've been craving strawberry lemonade cupcakes from Lemonade like it's nobody's business. The only time I crave sugar like that is when life is topsy-turvy. (Otherwise I crave weird things like green vegetables. Kid you not.)

All of that has been clouding my sanity as of late. I'm surprised my fingernails aren't chewed down to little nub stubs. It's because of the anxiety I'm dealing with that I'm grateful for any little reassurances. It's a small sign, but I did randomly look down. Jersey never saw it and he walked over it first. I was meant to see it. That's the story I'm sticking to anyways.


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