The Prodigal Daughter

I recently read the most beautiful article by Jill Lepore entitled, The Prodigal Daughter. I'm not gonna lie; when I usually read stuff out of The New Yorker I skim. The articles are crazy long and I'm a self-professed skimmer. I read every word of this piece, though.

"He loved no one longer. She loved no one better."

It hit at just the right time for me. I needed to stumble upon some great writing. I needed a nugget of history to satisfy my inner grasshoppa (aka student) appetite for learning. I needed to read about relationships other than my own!

"I never knew anyone better prepared to meet with beauty." 

Last week was Malala Yousafzai's birthday. Knowing that and then reading about Benjamin Franklin's sister who was denied an education; how much she struggled with reading and writing...well, let's just say the Universe sends us signs so it's best to pay attention. Women and education...We're still fighting for the right to grow...Makes me appreciate my brain and reminds me that I need to call my godchild and bug her to continue reading Lisa Bloom's, Think. A mind is a terrible thing to waste...and it's pretty much unacceptable in my circle of family!

Have you read anything wonderfully inspiring lately? Care to share?


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