Still Have Hope | Eight Years Later...

Dear Readers,

Yesterday marked my eighth year in Los Angeles.

I still remember that day like it was yesterday. Jenn and I drove into the state, my car filled to the max with all the belongings I could squeeze in, while jamming to my Garden State soundtrack. It was scary as hell and I had absolutely NO idea what to expect...where to go...what to do.

I remember clinging to her that whole first day. She became home for me in a foreign land and it just about broke my heart when I had to drop her off at the airport that Monday morning. I was alone and totally lost in space.

I've come so far. I consider LA home now which is crazy and lovely at the same time. Being out here has proven that we really are great adaptable (and resilient) creatures. There's this common timeline that actors cling to out here. You have to at least give acting ten good years. I'm at eight...I have two tv shows and one commercial under my belt. (laughing) I'm definitely a slow one, but I'm still hopeful. Still that same girl who sang Winding Road at the top of her lungs and meant it.

Fingers still crossed.

xoxo with lots of luv and kiwi,



  1. Don't give up, hope! Just keep going. My husband is a filmmaker and he has worked in this town for years. It's a hard industry. He's so talented, but it takes more than talent to make it here. It takes a whole lot of luck and also being bff's with just the right person helps a lot. You've got this!


  2. Love the overalls again! :) LOL I remembering thinking that girl is so brave 8 years ago and I still think that today girl! Keep it up and you can do it!


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