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I am obsessed.

I am hooked.

I am tweaking.

On Friday night Mark and I went out for a nice dinner. It was there that he mentioned a new show he had heard about called Orange is the New Black. We decided it sounded promising so we flipped on Netflix when we got home to give it a looksy. Um...I was hooked before the first scene was over. 

This stuff is the stuff brilliant is made of! The writing! The characters! The story lines! I swear we went to bed after a particularly dramatic episode and I dreamed about what would happen next. Who does that?! People who watch amazing shows that's who! What I love most: The show, by no means, glamorizes prison life. No cautionary tales for the problematic child in your life. Instead (and possibly more terrifyingly enough, it pulls you empathize/identify/relate/become these inmates.

 "We're really no different you and I."

There are race issues (or tribe issues rather) issues...transgender issues...class and mental-health issues and issues with just how jacked up our criminal-justice system is. (I had an uncle go to prison for ten years for accidentally running over a man's foot with his truck. Trust me...there are issues.) The issues have issues and it's one big beautiful honest mess. 

I want to be a part of this show sooooo bad! How do we make this happen?! More importantly who else out there is watching? I want to discuss! This is my new Sex and the Game of Thrones. There's a reason HBO is shaking in its boots. Netflix is stepping up with this show...doing a damn fine job.

My advice? Watch. It doesn't matter who you are or what your bag is...this show is incapable of being disliked. I love these women, their struggles and their stories. I could keep gushing over it, but I have two more episodes left and a fantastic Argentinian Malbec to gulp sip.

Peace and gangsta grease!

PS who loves Regina Spektor even more for her opening song? "Everyone's different the second time around"


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