Honored | A Baby Boom Moment

I was sitting in the library the other day reading and writing when I received a text that reduced me to tears.
A friend told me she was writing up her will and wanted to know if we would take care of her darling baby if anything (God forbid!) ever happened to her. 

She said that her child and I shared a special bond and I swear that touched me more than anything in this world. What an honor...Someone thinks I'd make a good care giver...I had one of those Beaches moments when Hillary tells CC she wants her to take care of her daughter after she passes. Like in Baby Boom when she receives her cousin's little girl.

I've been doing a lot of soul searching. A lot of self reflection...trying to really be kind to myself; I've been trying not to push myself too hard. With a wedding two months away and a difficult couple of weeks dealing with negative energy; I've been exhausted. I needed that little angelic moment with that friend to remind me of what's really important. It was just a little reminder that I'm doing okay as a human being. Sometimes we just need those little messages...don't you think?


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