I woke up this morning with one thought... I take two medications each morning: one for my heart burn and one for helping with heart breaks.

My heart rules me. It plays a major part in all my decisions. With that in mind, I list all the things that make my heart do good things for you. These things make my heart swoon a bit...beat a little faster, swell with pride...you get the gist.

#1 on my list is my best gal pal Jen's latest and greatest. She's at BlogHer 2013 right now. She is on a panel today speaking about health. I couldn't be more proud of the woman. She's some kind of phenom!

Vintage ponies whose parent takes extra good care of them.

Flowers like these. I have no problem stopping and smelling.

Gifts for those I love. Can't wait to give these puppies out!
The folks at Urbanic were kind enough to wrap them. 
There's just something about a beautifully wrapped gift.

Mark and I get coffee every Thursday morning and we nibble on these.
They're tasty. I got one for him b/c it's always good to spoil those you love.
Loved seeing his reaction. 
You know you've found your lobster if he too swoons over gluten free, dairy free stuff.


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