Dining with Vegans

For the innocent (and sensitive) I've created a hot dog modesty patch....because that's what one does when your hosts are vegan. Duh.

Last night Mark and I had dinner with some new and wonderful friends at their gorgeous home. We were given an amazing tour of their newly-finished, renovated casa. I swear I screamed in every.single.room. The attention to detail! The craftsmanship! The colors, pieces, art deco, shabby chic guest room...Ahhh! I swear it gives me the vapors just thinking about it. (fanning myself like Scarlett O'Hara)

We sat down to dinner around 8pm, had great conversation and then watched this adorable pup named Peugeot (sounds like Poo-szchoe) do trick after cute adorable trick. He likes for daddy to carry him and he sits like a cute little tiny bear when this happens. I thought Mark was gonna die when the pup placed his paw on his leg and wagged his tail in happiness at him. 
Think we've found Mark's dream dog. 

Drake was incorrect. New friends are welcome! We're up next for dinner and I'm shaking in my chucks. I need an HGTV makeover STAT...and some great vegan recipe suggestions! 


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