An Oopse Heard Round the World

I promised an acting update...

My last audition took the cake for most embarrassing Tishy moment. Here's how it went down:

I had a meeting for my full time job earlier that morning that required coffee...My caffeine fixes alway need grips of sugar... sugar and I don't really get along too well. (I tend to get the bubble guts.) So I get the coffee. I drink the coffee. I talk to a friend/coworker about what sugar does to my stomach and I go about my day.

Then my agent calls and says I have an audition that I must go to immediately. My stomach is starting to churn but I head to the audition and give it my all. I finish and I'm saying goodbye and thanks to the casting folks when it happens...

I let out the most obnoxiously loud toot known to man...and then I die a little bit and run out of the room. Needless to say I didn't get the job. Face palm! Slow embarrassing death! Still makes my butt twitch. How did that even happen? I was so nervous I didn't even realize one was about to slip out. Yes, it slipped out. Everyone keeps asking me if I knew it was coming. Um, if I knew I would have prevented that! Jersey didn't believe that they heard it so when he got home I replayed the moment; complete with toot sound (accurate volume and force.) He laughed and then hugged me...which let me know I was toast.

I swear to GasX those men are still talking about the tooting girl. Someday when I'm on E and they're discussing my rise to fame they'll show a clip of that dreadful audition and people who are struggling will feel better about their own auditions and think "If she could do THAT and still make it then I can make it, too!"

You're welcome.


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