What to Expect From a Marriage

A couple of months ago my mom asked me where my focus was...if I was using all my energy to plan a wedding, or if I was using it to start a marriage. The question stuck and I've been trying to plan for both ever since. Part of that planning involves surveying the "experts".  If I ask people to describe marriage to me they say it's hard. They say it's work. They give lots of descriptions that we've all heard and think we know. In one ear, out the other...

That is until I read this article by Galit Breen. I read this three times...THREE TIMES and then I read it out loud to Jersey. I love everything about her magnum opus. I realize that no couple is the same and the fella and I will have our own unique butt twitches to attend to, but because of her assessment on marriage I have something tangible and beautiful to start with. You have to read the article...Married, single, allergic to dating...it doesn't matter. This is the stuff romantic dreamers are made of.

...Man, I love writers.

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  1. Great article and glad you have your eyes open. Your mom sounds smart. Last Sunday at this time I got same very sad news. Two good friends of mine are divorcing. I along with many of our mutual friends attended their wedding 4 years ago. We are all in shock. I was so sad I almost started crying on the train when I got the text. I was even on planning on moving to where they live. It left me feeling there was so security in life. I love my friend "M" like a brother, but have a feeling he did not do enough compromising in the relationship.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

    1. Ah, Ali I'm so sorry to hear that. :( It's so hard to truly prepare for marriage...or for the hard times ahead. We just take the leap of faith and hope for the best. Hang in there lady.

  2. Much about what inspired me to blog is navigating my marriage terrain. I never considered myself the marrying kind until I met my hubs. I think because I was always a wanderer and scared of the institution and what it can do to a relationship. Now, being married for almost two years I can see it's the most magical and challenging thing I've ever done. The love grows, but only if you nurture it. The wedding goes by so quickly, but the marriage is where the work begins. It's a blessing when you marry your best friend, but you always have to work to maintain and grow. There's nowhere else id rather be. So happy for you! Congrats! Enjoy every minute of it!


    1. Thanks Carmen! Love your honesty and zeal for the luuuuv! ;)


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