What Are We Going to Do Today Brain?

Jersey leaves for his bachelor party today and I couldn't be more thrilled to have the place to myself for the weekend. I plan to get some reading in...go see a movie Hans Solo and chill in the quiet.

I've been in this state of "Move, Don't Think" and it's led to one exhausted gal. I've held onto the wrong emotions and ignored the ones that would actually help me feel like a healthy mortal. Wedding stuff has left me mean and crazed. I FINALLY had 'real' talk with a friend and we gabbed about how stupid wedding planning truly is. It's stressful. It leads to ugly arguments and grey hairs. Trust me when I say the marriage itself is the prize...the day is stupid...it's like Valentines Day...it's a Hallmark holiday. Too many TLC shows have bastardized and pimped weddings out for them to be the sweet and endearing days they used to be.

I don't know if this weekend will shake the boo boo completely off, but I'm hoping it can make a dent. You know what could make this weekend epic? If I get not one, but two calls from my agent saying I booked both jobs I auditioned for this week. That would be sweet. That followed by lots of good rest.

Maybe I'll go out and shoot some pics...explore LA. This weekend Jersey tries to recreate the Hangover while Tishy gets her Eat, Pray Love on.


  1. I hope you get that call!

    I know I've fallen off the blog-wagon, but here I am tonight, and I am loving catching up!

    1. Welcome back lady! When is that baby due!?

  2. Fingers crossed for the calls and I hope you had a wonderful weekend, sweetie.


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