The Most Stressful Callback I've Ever Had

This is what happened...

I had an audition last week. I was told if I got a callback it would be on June 3rd...a day I'd most surely be in Jersey. So I spoke to my agent and said if I got the callback I'd just change my flight. I didn't hear anything on Wednesday...or Thursday so I figured I wasn't chosen. Fly to Jersey on a red-eye and BAM! I get the text from my agent saying I've gotten the callback.

I find out the audition will be at 2:15 in Hollywood so I book a flight that arrives at 12:10 pm. I enjoy my weekend with Jersey's family and Monday morning at 5 am Eastern time I wake up and hop on a plane home. I land and up pops a text from my agent saying they've moved my time. No longer's 1:50. I figure with the exact weird new time it must mean I need to be as punctual as possible so a friend of ours races me back to him and his wife's home to pick up our car; I book it back to the my hair, put on my makeup and the outfit I wore the first time all in seven minutes and book it to Hollywood.

At 1:57 I walked into the audition without even a sweat.

...And there in front of me is 10 or so girls with hair just like mine and faces just like mine waiting. I wait for a good 30 or so more minutes and then I'm finally seen...for three minutes tops. They thank me and send me on my way.

I sat in my car for a couple of minutes to catch my breath. I don't believe I took a true breath from the minute I stepped off the plane until that point. All that for three minutes...and they didn't even know or care.

Acting is so frickin hard. It requires so many damn sacrifices...loss of sleep, money, sanity...yet it's what I continue to want and strive for. Hungry as hell, tired as hell and frustrated to boot I have no idea what to do with myself. I have another audition today.

I'm a glutton for punishment...that and stubborn and fiercely determined to frickin see my dream out.


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