Et Tu Brute’

Poor Julius Caesar...just chillin with those who assumed were his homies and then BAM! The poor fella gets stabbed in the back by his supposed friend...haven't we all been there?

I'm currently there and not feeling so joyful about it. They say that you can judge a man (or woman in this case) by the friends they keep. Lots of judging...hash tag judge. Insta judge! They always say don't judge a book by its cover, but I do AND I look at the books around that dang book. Is it in the trendy pile? Is it sitting with a group of other books that the staff has deemed classic good reads? Or is it the book chillin in the very back with the not so delightful books?

It's important. Saves time. Grouping and judging has its time and place and for me that time and place is right frickin frack now! I'm cleaning house and removing those who haven't been as transparent as a friend should be. I've had certain friends for YEARS and I've been supportive and present...a bad seed entered the picture, swooped up a couple of my so-called friends and now they're forgetting that I was once a friend...they ignore all the hateful things the bad seed did to me so I'm putting them back on the shelf in the back and moving on.

It's what's best. I get that, but it still makes me angry that there are girls out there that don't get loyalty...that turn  and ignore the mean-spirited actions of one and say, "But she's so sweet to me." ...moths flocking to a flame. I get so uncomfortable when I rant via this blog, but this stuff has been building up inside and is making me physically sick to my stomach. Had to purge.

So yeah... I hate letting go of folks, but this is for my own good. Wise readers, am I doing the right thing? Is it possible to be friends with someone who is also friends with someone bad? Are you able to ignore the fact that they don't care what anyone else does to you? Or do you just choose not to think about it at all?

Hurtful hearts are dying to know.


A tidy girl with a knife in her back.


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