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I swear I thought I'd never write that...

 How far I've come since the months of freaking worry! When I first accepted the fact that I had to plan a wedding (whether my court-house-butt wanted to or not) I  didn't handle it so well. I'd say I panicked a bit. Just a tiny bit. I made plans and we found a venue and this and that, but it all seemed totally robotic and forced and alien as all get up.

Then everything fell through...the budget acted like a shart gone dud. We were expecting this huge outpouring (hee hee...I love using poop references so very much) and thankfully my parents slapped reality and sensibility back into me (too many TLC shows!) and gave me a more realistic budget which meant we got the HADES OUT of Los Angeles and thus out of that stupid trap that you have to follow some cookie cutter approach to your wedding day.

So yeah, once we knew LA was out of the question our true wedding frolicked into our laps and Jersey and I have been happily planning ish every since. The engagement shoot was perfect and then some. The invitations are just as fun. We're being goofs and totally poking fun at tradition and silly notions of keeping up with the married Joneses.

Now everything feels like it's really us. We plan to incorporate one of my favorite movies by Roald Dahl in our wedding...something Jersey and I came up with years ago, mind you. Turns out that the day we marry is the very same day fans of Mr. Dahl celebrate his birthday; September 13th. I found that out over the weekend. Spooky? I'd say so! I think the coincidence is totally lovely and practically perfect in every way (Mary Poppins, you still rock my world, too!)

So yeah, I'm still stressing...the results of which you can see on my face, but I'm having fun more than anything. I love the process. I'm savoring it like I've been told to do. I'm grateful now that I have friends who did this ish before me that I trust. When they tell me what to expect and do I listen...and do!

Invitations will go out soon. My first dress fitting is coming up as well as my bachelorette party which my woman of honor says is thrilling my girls to no end. I'm about to explode with glee. Pelvic thrusts of excitement!!!


  1. This made me my old choir director would say, "baby gas!" (Figured you'd like that one). I can't wait to find out what the Dahl reference is!!! Some of his stories are my faves!


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