The Bean Lady

My beloved Bean Lady has passed away :(

My grandmother called me the other day just as sad as can be. She was a good friend to my gram. They played cards together often and she always stood by her prophecy that I'd make it in acting. There's one thing I can't take and that's a sad gram. My gram, bless her heart, is a Pisces like me. We're sensitive, emotional women who wear our big ole hearts on our sleeves. This is the time I wish I could just jet back home and give her a hug. Mother Jones, as my gram referred to her, will always be around...I shall carry her with me.

Normally that would seem like a natural response for someone to make about someone who's passed, but the odd thing is I never even met her...a minor insignificant detail.  She told my gram my story when I was super small...when she did that she became a part of my story and life. I think of her often and her words that I'm going to make it. When I'm at my weakest, I carry her words.

I think that's the lesson in all of this...that someone's words can be so powerful and stay with you always. I want to thank that beautiful woman for giving my grandmother hope in me and giving me a little in the process.

Today choose your words carefully. Say the good things. Uplift someone. Share your truths. A little love goes a long, long way.

She said this little girl would grow to be someone that people would liste to... I would make it as an actor. I will! Promise!


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