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How many times do I have to say books find you; you don't find the books?...

Toni Morrison's Sula found me and it was spooky how relevant this read has been for me. In the forward, Morrison discusses the effects of leaving a female friendship. Based on last Friday's post I'd say this book fell into my lap at just the right time. That's not even the creepy part, though! I brought the book to a golf outing I was helping Jersey with. I was sitting there on the golf course, wind blowing gently; peace bouncing all around when I read the first sentence of the first chapter...a sentence that involved a golf course. 

If that ain't a random cousin of a baboon's butt I don't' know what is!

I put the book down slowly...looked around for the hidden cameras and then smiled. Books find you. You don't find the books. 

I'm enjoying this read. Toni's stories are rich and soulful. Each word packs on extra meat that you can't help but try to hang on to. Love that darn woman's mind and then some.


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