Sentimental Sap | A Farewell To Remember

I'm such a sap when it comes to saying good bye.

Yesterday I said good bye to the Flying Red Tomato. I traded him in for my dream car...the Prius. (Who has yet to be officially named. I'm still playing around with some stuff.) I know I'm silly. It's just a car, but I'll miss that fun little car. I have a hard time with change...with letting go...with saying good bye.

This is what happens when you name something and give it its own personality. It becomes real...personified to the umpteenth degree. I might have to have a moment to mourn...maybe a week.  That car saved me. My dear sweet Sebring blew up on the freeway (dramatic ass) so I had to get a car quick and there was my fun little Matrix; sitting on the lot just waiting for me to take him home.

Do you ever pet your car when it's tuckering out going up a hill? Do you talk to it? Well I did! And he became a friend. Still swear that's why my cars last me so long. They know how much they mean to me.

So yes, I'm totally geeked that I finally drive my dream car, but it's bittersweet. FRT deserved a proper farewell. Thanks for the memories you lovely red booger.

They let me have a moment to remove my FBG sticker and my KU license plate. I may or may not have teared up.


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