Let Me Be Your Star

Post title inspired by theme song of the TV show, Smash. When I say I belt that at least ONCE a day...it's more like a couple. (sheepish grin) Yesterday Jersey and I headed down to Hollywood to watch a screening of a new show. I will discuss the actual show on FBG so look out for that. It was cool beans! Sorry for the tease, but I wanted to talk about the act of being on a studio lot for this bad boy post.

It doesn't matter how long I've lived here; how many times I've played on a lot; I always get giddy when I step foot in between those studio buildings. Fox Studios was no different. We pulled up and the stars in my little eyes started to pulsate. We parked and headed into the heart of the place and my inner geek went nuts. I started (loudly) telling Jersey that people in the surrounding area must be feeling something special in the air...that they were thinking, "She's here. I can feel that someone with the magic; someone with the 'it factor' is here and we must find her." Jersey laughed and walked a little ahead of me so people wouldn't think we were together.

It can never be helped. So much of my dreams float in that area of the city. I walk around and I see hologram-like images of myself walking here and there; going from show to show...working and doing my dream job; happy and cracked out with joy.

Yesterday evening was perfect. I was humbled for sure because I wasn't there in the capacity I've always wanted. (I was press not talent.) But I was there and for now it's good enough baby!


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