I Got 99 Problems

Second post on skin...

Today was hard. I got to do this amazing event for FBG and instead of soaking up every cool moment of that awesome experience I was focusing on how embarrassing it was to be on film with my skin condition.

This ish is painful as heck and even more painful on my ego, BUT today I realized just how wonderful my friends are. My gal pal recommended a skincare line she uses and swears by. Another referred me to her laser doc. My Cinderfella (Jersey) has been nothing, but kind and understanding. He doesn't put up with my negative self talk, but he listens and supports my dietary experiments to eliminate whatever it is that's triggering the explosions of mass destruction.

Later today I will see the doc again. I may cry. I'm super duper sensitive about having this stuff around so close to my wedding day. Not cool man...just not cool. So crossing my fingers and keeping those digits far, far away from my face!


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