Last week I sat in an audience listening to a woman sing the most beautiful music. The music was haunting and captivating, but unfortunate for her she had to compete with the party that was going on around her. The peoples' chatter would ebb and flow; whispers turning into loud whirrings and I would see her attempt to go deeper and deeper into where ever the song was trying to take her just so she could remain focused.

It was at that moment, the minute of that thought I had, she looked right at me. She smiled and then her umph came back. Me being the hippity dippity person that I am, I immediately picked up on the fact that we had exchanged some positive energy but then buried the thought and went back to watching.

After her performance people were standing around and sipping on their cocktails. I was with my friends waiting for a photo booth when I saw her walking towards me. She smiled and beamed; thanking me for my good energy. I swear Jersey looked at me crazy. I ALWAYS talk to him about energy and how sensitive I am to it and he just scoffs...laughs and rolls his eyes thinking I've just pulled it out of my butt. Nope. Others get it. And for once I did a good.

This week I've been a whirring ball of energy. Just picking up on subtle changes in the people I hold close to me...even feeling the presence of those who have passed (my daddy for instance.) It's just a good time to connect and share goodness I guess.

I've had a crazy couple of weeks; filled with negative nouns. This sort of thing is helping me out of that environment for sure. Like I said before, there's power in peace.


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