Absolute Peace

Yesterday was my last and final zit zapping treatment otherwise known as Omnilux.

I will miss those lovely appointments. Each Monday and Wednesday I would go to my dermatologist, sit in a little biddy dark room and they would shine either a blue or a red light on my face. The nurse would tell me she'd come back in 20 minutes and the minute she'd close that door I would fall asleep...like IMMEDIATELY.

I would dream of sugar plum fairies dancing in my head; I was so relaxed and calm. I swear I've never felt that kind of peace before. I have no idea what those little lights do, but damn they're magical! It's been so long since I've been calm, which is sad. Even when I go to get a massage my mind is racing in a million directions or focused on the severity of the rub down (I'm sensitive!) so it's been a super long time. After those naps my workouts are ridiculous. I have mounds of good energy; way more than coffee could ever give me.

I'd love to say that time helps me focus and come up with answers for world peace, but I seriously knock out and 20 minutes later I'm dazed and confused wondering how it was over that quickly and if I had drooled while out. And I'm okay with that.

PS the skin is looking crazy better! It's hard to believe how out of control it was. Because I'm brave, I'll show you the madness I was referring to.

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Crazy, right?! I have NO idea where it came from. Well that's not true. It was a combination of stress and dairy (I'm lactose intolerant...and wasn't aware that the whey protein mix I was slurping down every day was actually freaking my skin out. The minute I stopped drinking it my skin stopped producing colonies of alien zits. Coincidence? I think not!)

Never thought I'd allow something as silly as my skin to interfere with my life, but boy did I go into hermit mode. I didn't want to see anyone. Couldn't stand being in public; just knew people were gawking at my face. I'm learning some humble lessons y'all. Indeed I am...


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