Honeymoon Heaven

Blessings come at the craziest time in the craziest of ways...

Jersey and I were planning on going to Italy for our honeymoon, but the wedding (like any wedding) is sucking up more money than we thought so we had planned to chill a couple of months after the wedding and then head out in the new year. We still plan on getting over to Europe. I have to see history...need to be around different cultures and languages...need that culture shock and eye-opening experience BUT we now will be going on a honeymoon right after the wedding to Hawaii...all because of some wonderful people who hosted an event I went to for Fit Bottomed Girls. The girls were so kind to offer me a massage. I felt sooo special from just receiving that and then...

Saturday I was getting ready for B's bachelorette party, decided to check the 'ole mail-a-roo and there in our box was a little white envelope. Inside contained a letter from the PR group who invited me. They wrote the kindest letter about being happy for Jersey and I and said they wanted to help make our honeymoon search a bit easier...by offering us a free stay at this AMAZING resort in Hawaii called Travaasa.

Y'all, when I say this is THE perfect place for Jersey and I...it's all about relaxing, fitness, culinary delights and Hawaiian activities that I've always wanted to do. The fella and I were in shock for a good while. When we came to we immediately got on the site and started looking at all of the fun and amazing things we can do.

I feel so blessed and grateful for the good souls out there. This has to be one of the sweetest wedding gifts ever. I've been tagging #Mish2013 on certain Instagram pics I've snapped. That hashtag is gonna be OFF THE CHAIN come honeymoon time!


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