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I've been a naughty M.I.A. gal, now haven't I? It was for a good reason, though. J came into town on Wednesday evening so that we could work out with Venus Williams on Thursday!!!

Talk about a surreal experience. I swear I never knew that helping J out with Fit Bottomed Girl stuff would be so exciting and crazy fun when I first signed up to be a guest writer for her back in '09. I love when she gets to go with me to fitness events. I get super duper shy when I'm gunning it alone, but when she's with me it's like my light turns on. I'm the gal who moves to the front row of the workout and gives it my all WITH a smile on my face. The same thing happened with our marathon...I smiled the whole time. She just brings out the fitness fun in me.

So yesterday was probably one of my favorite days this year. I'll talk about the workouts and all that goodness on FBG next week (Make sure to read J's post on Monday and mine on Wednesday!) It was fun because of the sweat part, but mostly just being around such positive, explosively energetic women who have good hearts and good heads on their shoulders. My J was in that mix.

After the event was we decided to keep on celebrating so we went to Bev Mo and picked up wine, drank cocktails at a local restaurant and then came home for some wedding planning stuff.  It was nice, chill and perfect. She won't come back until my bachelorette party in a couple months. I shall be counting down the days.


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