Ginger Goes a Long Way

For the most part, this blog has helped me out over the years. Since July 2005 I've used it to write down all of the weird and wonky things that had happened to me and there was TONS of material to work with, but lately I find it harder and harder to write.

Partly because I rarely (if at all) receive feedback on stuff, but mostly because my acting stories are few and far between. My agent wrote the team two weeks ago and said that we're in the lull period of the commercial world. This is when it's good to start acting classes and do all of that other stuff you do to get better. The only thing is I haven't been booking anything so my activity is pretty much the same: boring and nada.

Wedding planning is a weird kind of stressful. I can bare it and then some, but it's not fun most days. Most days I'm just nagging someone from the venue to follow up. Jersey and I work and play on different schedules...I'm broke because everything is going into the wedding fund.

It's just lame stuff that's important for the future, but doesn't matter a lick of beans to me right now. Instead, I'm dealing with changes in friend dynamics (that's a bitch) as well as the dynamics of NOT kicking Jersey in the piss pimp on a weekly basis. (Yeah, just because two people plan to marry doesn't mean the annoying little bickering stops.)

I need a bolt of life energy! I need to book some jobs and get this damn acting career started because I'm sick and tired of playing dumb and helpless girl. I want to be able to see the opportunities and once I see them I want to be able to pursue them.

I need. I need. I need.

J is coming into town for some impromptu friend time and I'm so thankful. Being that she lives in Middle Earth you'd assume we'd only get maybe one or two visits a year, but bestie boo boo has been jet setting like a beast. We're not rich gals either so I'm thankful as a mother trucker that she's coming to my rescue.

Ginger goes a long way...


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