Creative High


I'm back...

Saying that I was in a head fog was a giant understatement. First it was sickness, then it was allergies, then it was traveling for creative juices were severely dried up, but then like clockwork I got back up in the clouds (one of my favorite places) and the words started flowing.

I read some great stuff from a book J gave me,The Untethered Soul, (if you're in need of some kind of wonderful in your life) that had my mind spinning followed by an article in the latest Vogue that literally forced me to fumble for my pen so I could start jotting down thoughts and ideas.

Do you have a place that does that to you; a muse in geographic form? When I was a kid I always imagined my dad among the clouds with the other angels playing and napping. It's that sweet sentiment that has made flying such a joy for me. It's  where I feel closest to the playful side of my dad's heart. Only right that it's where I get some of my best thoughts and words. 

Many new blog posts to come...


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