Close the Door!

When I say I'm a dreamer I wasn't only referring to the kinds of dreams that involve me up on a stage clutching an Oscar and thanking my peoples and agent. Oh no...I DREAM. And then I analyze. And then it sticks with me and I either jump for joy because it's bringing the good stuff or I cringe and butt twitch for the remainder of the day.

Obviously I prefer the good ones which is why I usually close the door to  my bathroom every night. I don't know where I heard that if you face a door in your bedroom you should always close it before you sleep (feng shui doctrine)

Last night I had a terrible dream about two people in my life that forced me to wake up with violent force. Just needed it to end. I looked out and yep, the dang door to the bathroom was wide open.

I don't know what it is about that door, but I hadn't had bad dreams for a really long time and then like BOOM that door allowed all the worries and bad stuff I'm trying to process in my conscious days to flood the gates of my night time slumbers and freak me the heck out.

Has anyone else ever heard of closing the door?! Or am I just going crazy?!


  1. I too always have to close the bathroom door, but its so the light from the porch doesn't shine through... but now I am going to have to check after a bad dream to see if the door was left open or not... thanks! :)

    1. You've got it sister! It's weird how that happens. Last night door was bad dreams!

  2. I have now thought of you every night as I close that door! :)

    1. Ha! I've helped at least one person in this world. Life is good.


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