I'm a runner...

I'm the type of runner who fears it just enough to respect the heck out of it. You don't go out and run six miles without properly building up your endurance. You warm up, you cool research and you train. You moan and groan but push through the pain and you allow yourself to feel like Superwoman when you cross the finish line of your first race.

Boston...Hearing the news yesterday sparked an anger in me that was a bit surprising. I'm the girl who cries when tragedy strikes, but this time the bad people struck too close to what I love and know.

I auditioned for a commercial on Friday that involved a mom running a marathon. For the spot I was supposed to run into the scene, pause to catch my breath, see my child on the side lines and wave. When I did the scene I went back to my marathon. I thought of how special and great I felt hearing my name being screamed from the side lines. I ran that race years ago yet I still can call upon the emotions I had. The memory is still going strong. It's frustrating and totally crazy that marathons will have such a tragic story wrapped around them now...that people will fear more than just dehydration and leg cramps.

I don't understand what the heck is going on in the world. Marathons and running in general hold such a serious and powerful place in my heart. The idea of hurting people who have spent months sometimes years  training to race in that city. The bad people flipped such an empowering event...and that just makes me beyond angry, hurt and confused.

There's been an overwhelmingly positive and lovely response from Bostonians. People are helping and aiding. Just as fast as those bad people made us question why, the people of Boston are reminding us that there's still a whole lotta good out there, too. Here's hoping the good eggs triumph.


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