You Don't Know Jack?!


I'm finding out it's pretty rare to have a friend in your life who will always chirp back to you, "Sure! Why not!" and mean it.

Do you have a friend who is always down for trying something new? I was asked to do a 10k TWO days before the race and so I called up my gal pal Jack and asked her if she'd be willing to come out and run. Mind you I knew she wasn't training for anything...that running six miles was the farthest thing from her mind. I totally expected her to laugh at me and refuse, but she was totally gung ho. Everyone else declined...

So with time change and all, we woke at the butt crack of dawn and ran a little over six miles. Note: we were going to walk the dang thing, but the weather was so perfect; we just couldn't resist. It was amazing out there. The cold ocean breeze was blowing, the sun was was breathtaking. 

I'll write more about the actual race on Fit Bottomed Girls soon. This post is about Jack anyways. Today is her birthday so it's fitting that I write about her. She's the friend I can always count on. The one with the heart of gold. I'll never take advantage of the fact that she'll never pass a chance to experience and to grow. I'll never ask the impossible...just publicly declare that she's a good egg. And I'm glad she's around to run by my side.

Happy Birthday Jack!


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