Who Could Ask For Anything More

Yesterday was such a good birthday. Jersey did some pretty darn sweet things throughout the day. My nearest and dearest friends sent so much love I thought my phone was going to explode with awesomeness. (You have no idea how much I love having video capabilities on my iPhone!) I just felt calm, loved and happy.

I actually worked. There was nothing I really felt like doing on a Wednesday work day alone...not even the hint of a spa day could deter me from my wedding saving mentality so I sat at my computer all day doing my thug thizzle and then I went to an audition. BEST BIRTHDAY ACTIVITY EVER!!!

I arrived at the spot and immediately thought my agent was tripping again, but then the casting fella came out and started giving his spiel about what the client was looking for and it was all me and a bag of chips so I perked up quick. Then I got paired with the perfect son and husband who could act their little butts off and life got better. THEN they told us we'd be family #13 and life went from better to "HOLY HAIRY BALLS OF AWESOME SAUCE, THE UNIVERSE LOVES ME!" I thanked the Big Guy Upstairs for sending me little signs to remain comfortable in my own skin.

I went into that room and rocked the scene. The casting guy took time in between each take to work with the actors and give them tips to fix the scene. Each time he told me I was nailing it. Good sign!

I left the audition with my scene husband. We walked down the street; excitement bursting from our strides and discussed how it went. It felt good to do well. No matter what I felt like I did a damn good job. They started calling in Asian families and Latino families after us so it'll all depend on the demographic they end up wanting to market to but I know I gave it all of me.

I'm cool with that. I'm cool with the audition. I'm cool with the wonderful fella snoring quietly beside me and I'm cool with this wonderful Magic Johnson birthday. (32 if you didn't catch that.) I'm happy...honest to goodness happy. I'm glad I'm here in Los Angeles, pursuing my dream and marrying a good man. It's a crazy arse adventure, but it's mine.

"Who could ask for anything more..."


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