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I'm in the final book of The Uglies series and I'm loving how much social commentary can be pulled out of its pages. That's what I love about books such as these. Much like the Hunger Games, I see a lot of our twisted society in these books...They show dramatic examples of the directions we're headed in.

This book makes me chuckle every time I post a tweet.

One of my favorite couples on the planet recommended I read this one so now whenever I share my thoughts on the chapter I've finished I get "Ugly-Speak" back...Everything is ugly-making. (You have to read to figure out what the heck I mean by that.) Jersey looks at us like we're crazy, but I care not. This book brings out the geek in me with a vengeance.

I stick the book in my bag and take it everywhere with me. My nail lady is running thirty minutes late...no problem!!! Totally bubbly-making.

Life's been so serious lately. So many big kid decisions...I need these YA books to keep me balanced in kidult world. I'm currently in the planning stages of the only part of the wedding planning I have any expertise in--the engagement shoot. It's gonna be epic, yo! I figure since I'm making such a big to-do about the whole shebang we'll order some prints and blow that ish up and put it on an empty wall in our home.

Now if Jersey can just handle the guest list, reception, ceremony and all that weird, foreign and stressful ish I'll be just dandy.

In my former life I had to have had folks who did this sort of thing for me because I have no desire to execute events in my life...I come up with the grandiose visions and expect for someone to step in and make it happen. I need a good firm kick in the pants, but no one's stepping up to my butt soooo...

So spoiled I shall remain. Envisioning I shall keep doing.


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