Premarital Counseling and Purpling

So I may have jumped the gun a bit on that premarital counseling. Last night Jersey and I attended a preliminary meeting to go over the types of counseling a couple can do. So no tests or hour-long forms just yet. Oops. I panicked and freaked (heathen-style) for NUFFIN!

Have I ever told y'all about Jersey's goodie goodie two-shoes ways? He's a church boy...a very endearing church boy. We're doing a destination wedding that involves a beach and no priest so I felt it would be sweet to at least give him something churchy he can associate with us tying the knot. Thus a weekend retreat with a whole lot of lovely, sweet, wholesome Catholics will happen sometime this summer. Am I nervous? Yes! Jersey and I have lived in sin for a long time now. I felt guilty just putting "same address" on our forms! The shame! The scarlet letters!!!

All he's told me so far is we'll be going to Santa Barbara and we'll have to stay in separate quarters; the men will all bunk together and the girls will do the same on the pink side of the place. NO PURPLING ALLOWED!

I didn't know this but J and her now husband took the "Catholic Test" as I like to call it. They scored a really high compatible number...somewhere in the high 90's. For some reason I don't think we'll score as high in this area. While I'm a hippie liberal, Jersey's a tid bit more goodie good aka conservative. For instance I can talk all day long about how it was wrong of the Pope to turn the other cheek (no pun intended) as little boys got poked in the butt. He tends to look at me, sweat, shake his head, mumble and say ten Hail Marys directed towards my heathen mouth. Do I know we're gonna score something worthy of an eye bulge? Yep. Do I think it will pop our wonderful little love bubble? Nope.

While I do attend church with the fella when he goes to Saint Monica's (a BEAUTIFUL and might I add progressive church down in Santa Monica) he doesn't knock me for skipping out when he goes to the boring church down the street from us. (If I fall asleep what's the point of going?!) I love that he's a faithful fella. I think religion can be a beautiful and helpful tool. I definitely wouldn't mind my children having something positive in their life...I just never had the churchy gene and I don't like it very much when people try to force feed me the ish. I'm spiritual, but that's about it for me. Jersey allows me to be me. So he passes MY test.

Still I can't help but be curious to see how we'll score. He schedules "the event" tomorrow. To be continued...


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